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Since its founding in 2012, Cultural Institution Bodoque Artes e Ofícios has been a carefully structured device to offer multiple paths towards cultural emancipation.

Because we believe that art and culture play a transformative role in society, the Institution’s works consist of cultural actions aiming to establish dialogues between different artistic expressions, cultural manifestations, their authors/artists and the audience. Our final objective is, after all that, to create a sensitive human formation circuit.

In 2019, this work led to the birth of Trama Magazine, which seeks to be a safe space for reflections, discussions and, above all, cultural approximation. In 2023, Trama celebrates its 5th anniversary, having published 150+ online issues – which are available for free on our website, in order to facilitate all kinds of research. In these years, we were given the honor to publish works of authors such as Brazilian Historian and Anthropologist Lilia Schwarcz, Brazilian writer and Jabuti prize winner Menalton Braff, besides several other award-winning artists and writers from different parts of the world. Today, we announce the next step on our consistent path in culture promotion: a new open call for authors!

In order to participate, you must present your work to us by filling out the form linked in the end of this page, which will be available until march 13th,2023. In this open call, we will accept: literary texts, poems, short stories, essays, critical reviews and articles/papers (adapted for NON-ACADEMIC language). 

When submitting your work, please consider the format and size recommendations for the requested items in the form. Disregarding these instructions will result in automatic application denial:

  • Mini biography: short description of author’s education and career. It must be at most 800 characters long (spaces included) and must refer to the author in the third person. Ex: Ailton Alves Lacerda Krenak, better known as Ailton Krenak, is an indigenous leader, environmentalist, philosopher, poet and Brazilian writer of the Crenaque indigenous ethnic group. He is an honorary professor, etc.
  • Text to be published: literary texts, poems, chronicles, essays, critical reviews and articles in non-academic language will be accepted. The work must be up to 6,000 characters long (spaces considered), formatted as .odt or .doc. File name must respect the following structure: Work Title – Author Name.
  • Image to illustrate your text: This image goes on the cover of your text, along with the title. The image must be in high quality, horizontally cropped. File name must respect the following structure: Image Credits – Text Author Name.

Once your work is selected, it will be reviewed by our editing teams and translated to Brazilian Portuguese. Targeting both the artist’s and the magazine’s main audience, the work should be published in English as well as in Brazilian Portuguese. Our feedbacks happen organically, which means that you will receive the approval/denial message as soon as our editing teams get to read your work. In these messages, we are often able to predict your work’s exact publishing date; however, if needed, this date can be changed without previous warning.

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